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Staying safe and sane...ish

I think perhaps I've been missing a trick by not blogging during the lockdown. There certainly seems to be plenty of people on social media making the most of the benefits of being at home. I really do commend them for being able to put a positive spin on being able to do a zoom meeting without pants.

Seriously though the strange situation we find ourselves in has brought out some truly amazing positives. Getting to see how many people are trying to find new ways to do things and use it for good. I've been watching comedian Russell Howard's stay at home show. One thing that really sticks with me is how much I like seeing people in this new more personal way. He has been promoting the good work being done to help not only the NHS but other charities who are missing out on much needed funds because of the UK lock down. Maybe this format of show will become more popular in the future?

Watching tutorials from artists I follow and seeing how they too struggle with their kids being home and trying to work is somehow wonderful too. Authors are reading their stories online, Joe Wicks is getting the nation fit or in my case trying to kill me and generally there are a lot of great people trying to shine a little light.

I was chatting to my hubby about how the situation acts a bit like a pressure cooker and exacerbates the little things. The smallest acts of kindness can really mean so much but equally we can find ourselves so upset about the tiniest insignificant and unimportant stuff. I know that is certainly true in my case. I will quite happily have a few days feeling fine and then the silliest thing can make me so sad. I guess the uncertainty and worry is always at the back of our minds.

For me I am in a really lucky position but I think this situation affects so many different people in different ways. There are the heroes out there risking their lives and keeping the world going, there are those who are isolated and alone. Those who now find themselves with so much time on their hands they don't know what to do with it and families who are trying to juggle home life, working from home and supporting their kids. I think there is probably one truth that applies to them all though. No doubt they are being way too hard on themselves. Wherever you find yourself in this pandemic, whatever your personal situation, you are doing the best you can in a horrendously difficult situation. Whether you were an introvert or extrovert before it doesn't matter. It's okay to have good days and bad days. It's okay to be struggling or thriving. It's not a competition. It's about staying home, safe, sane and strong and giving yourself love and kindness. Love always wins in the end.

As for me, what have I been doing during all this? Well, I've tried to put out some good vibes with video readings of my children's stories. I've found being creative hard but drawing some kids art work has been a lot of fun. I have two kids who are keeping me very busy. I've cried and laughed. Video chatted with my mum. And the final crazy straw is turning to Tiktok. I did try to do some dusting at one point but that's when I knew i was taking things too far. You can decide if that means I'm staying sane or sane...ish.

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