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Quotes from The Westwood Witches

Here are some quotes and passages from The Westwood Witches, A Secret Discovered, which is the first book in my young adult series. I've added my own thoughts and explanations to add a little behind the scenes.

"Unopened it held the possibility of hope."

I love this line, which comes from a larger paragraph because I think of life as a box of hope waiting to be opened. Sometimes we're afraid to because once we see what it has to offer there's no going back.

"death has a way of creeping out from dark corners and taking you by surprise."

Although this comes from a sad paragraph in the book, the purpose is to remind you to live every day as the precious gift it is.

“You’ve not been getting into trouble again, have you, my darling girl?” she added playfully.

“No, I haven’t, honestly Grandma, I’ve been as good as gold.” Aero shrugged her shoulders and put out her hands, as if to say, what’re you going to do?

“Oh, who needs gold? The world needs more of you.”

Being a certain way isn't all its cracked up to be, grandma Joanna loves Aero for who she is. I can't think of anything more perfect than unconditional love.

"Lillith was pretty but seemed yet to properly wear it, as if it were a dress size she still needed to grow into."

It definitely took me time to grow into my skin and feel comfortable with who I am. Of course, since my 40s I've been expanding. I think this is something we can all relate with.

"As usual, a beaming smile greeted her as Aero caught sight of Lillith up ahead, already at the stop.

Smiling back at her was a reflex action, as natural as breathing."

The power of a positive friendship.

"I’m practically an adult now, get it together. I should be taking the news better than this, but if Grandma Joanna is truly gone, truly… dead, nothing will ever be the same again, she thought."

Whatever the age, dealing with a such a devastating life changing event can be something which makes us feel we aren't entitled to feel lost or sad. The phrases buck up, or grow up come to mind. I wanted to show that it's important to allow yourself to feel these things and express what goes through our minds during these times.

"Her mother wrapped her soft loving arms around her, providing a shield to the outside world and all its horrors inside a tight hug."

This is how I feel about my own children whenever they are having a hard time.

"But shadows, Joanna found, reflected life. It had been her experience that people saw different things within them. Lovers saw places to catch stolen moments, there were those who saw and sought solitude, and of course there were those who saw loneliness."

This one is a favourite of mine from the book. I feel I've experienced all of these things.

"Live full, Aero, squeeze out every morsel, because this existence is long, and this expanse we call life, and everything in between, is there for the filling."

It is a precious gift to live, I am not sure who I wrote this for the most, Aero, readers or myself. We all need to be reminded to crack open every moment of joy.

You can download the E book from Amazon for just 99p.

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