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MPS Readers Choice Awards 2019

Readers Choice Awards 2019


It’s a moment filled with pride. The reader’s choice award had 28 finalists from across the globe for six categories of genre. It gives me great happiness to announce that my young adult, fantasy fiction, The Westwood Witches has made it through to the final.

In fact, four books from the group, Motivational Strips, a writers forum with 4 million visitors every month, and who I am the British admin for have made it through!

The fours books are:

• How To Write For Success by Brenda Mohammed • Katashi Tales by Shiju H. Pallithazheth • The Westwood Witches by Sarah Northwood • Stories People Love by Brenda Mohammed

These books are assets to the Motivational Strips group. We need your votes from hereafter when you get time. So far these four books are leading much ahead of the others. This makes us feel we have the world’s best and qualitative writers in the MS group. The link to vote is as below. Please do vote for all the four books as they are in different categories. If we are able to win all four categories, it will be a great moment to celebrate as this award is one of the greatest for a book to win. Let’s make it happen, vote for all four.

The links are as below

1, Stories People Love By Brenda Mohammed

Voting 🗳 link…

2,Katashi Tales By Shiju H. Pallithazheth

Voting 🗳 link…

3, The Westwood Witches By Sarah Northwood

Voting 🗳 Link

4, How To Write For Success By Brenda Mohammed

Voting 🗳 link

Please click on ‘Vote Now’ you see below the picture of these book. Please vote for all 4

The video below will indicate where the four books currently stand.

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