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Because you can never have too many unicorns!

If like me you can't get enough unicorns in your life, then I have just the thing!

My good friend and author buddy Julia E. Clements and I have teamed up to bring you a fabulous range of unicorn inspired products, based on our books, Dreamland and Legend of the Night Unicorn.

There are T-shirts, stickers, mugs, cushions, clocks and yes notebooks too!

I just need to think of a way to justify another notebook...

Francesco, who also designed the cover for Dreamland, has provided each of us with our an adapted version specifically for these products as well as a joint one! Please take a look at his cover design website by clicking HERE!

I must take a moment to thank Brian O'Gorman for designing the beautiful cover to Legend of the Night Unicorn in the first place!

The products are available in the aptly named unicorns forever collection from

***Because you can never have too many unicorns in your life!***

Here are the two books that inspired this collection, if you just can't get enough unicorns!

Books by Sarah Northwood

Legend of the Night Unicorn by Sarah Northwood

Dreamland by Julia E. Clements

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