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Legend of the Night Unicorn

Legend of the Night Unicorn, cover (c) Brian O'Gorman

I'm thrilled to announce my newest release, a new children's short story, "Legend of the Night Unicorn." I would suggest an age range of around 4-10 years, although I was surprised that my older daughter, who is twelve loved it too. Perhaps that's just because her Mum wrote it!

It contains no unsuitable themes for children. Perfect for those who enjoy listening to stories, and is great for those with a foundation in reading and a want to read something with a fantasy element.

I originally wrote the short story a few years ago, whilst holidaying in a caravan in Wales. Surrounded by my two young children, I was inspired by a new notebook I'd bought, which had a Unicorn on the front cover. Combine that with the mysterious atmosphere of Wales and boom, you've got dynamite.

My own children were at the age where they enjoyed listening to short stories and wanted to hear one in only 1 or 2 sittings. Otherwise they would lose interest or forget where we got up to. I'm a fan of the mystical, the magical and I love seeing children's eye light up when imagination takes hold, just like Martha's does in the story.

I'm thrilled that this little story has picked up four five star reviews already. Each one is magical!

Legend of the Night Unicorn, a 5 star kids book


Martha is excited about her trip on the steam train up Mystic Mountain. She finds out from a kind old man how the train got its name. Legend has it there’s a night unicorn who lives on the mountain. After Martha arrives at the top of the mountain peak, she has one burning question. All she wants to do is find out if the legend is true. Are unicorns real?

Sarah Northwood is a fiction author for children and adults. Her books are available on Amazon as paperbacks or ebooks, and available on kindle unlimited. Four of her books recently won a recommended read award through the IHIBRP.

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