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And the IHIBRP recommended read award goes to...

IHIBRP Recommended read award

Yesterday, quite unexpectedly I received this totally beautiful IHIBRP award badge (*) for 5 Star Recommended reads. A sign of excellence!

What makes it even more special? It was for not one but four of my books!

She's Not Gone, The Volunteer, The Truths We Tell and Butterfly Dreams!

The IHIBRP is a wonderful project run by author Jeannie JB Richards. Every month she offers fellow indie authors the opportunity to receive a review of any books with 15 or less on Amazon. Selecting a total of ten books each month, you need to look out for her posts and make sure you comply with the rules! Reviews are honest and will not be a guarantee of receiving five stars.

Thank you for the honour of this award badge, my books shall be wearing it with pride.

* (The IHIBRP Award Badge is an R.M. Gauthier design(The IHIBRP Award Badge is an R.M. Gauthier design to be used exclusively by Author JB Richards for the IHI Book Review Project. It may not be reproduced or shared by another author without the expressed written consent of Author JB Richards for any purpose other than that for which it is intended.)

She's Not Gone IHIBRP Recommended read award

The Volunteer IHIBRP Recommended read award

The Truths We Tell IHIBRP Recommended read award

Butterfly Dreams IHIBRP Recommended read award

Award winning fiction author Sarah Northwood

Sarah Northwood is an amazon and goodreads fiction author for adults and children.

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