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1,2,3 Poems for Valentine's day

As it's Valentines Day, I thought I would treat you to not one but three poems. Don't say I don't spoil you! In all seriousness, I find love a difficult subject to write about. It's just too vast. Having said that I gave it ago. The last one is to my husband, my valentine, best friend and soul mate <3

What is a husband and what does he do? If he’s just like mine, I’d be shocked, it’s true.

Whilst mine may not be great at washing his clothes, And to be quite frank, his tidying…blows.

But he cooks for me, when I’m too tired to care, Goes out and shops, when the cupboards are bare.

He willingly sleeps on the sofa too, When he knows I need to sleep, the entire night through.

He buys me things to cheer me up, Encourages fun, with an unhealthy lunch.

On the tele endures the things I adore Though he hates them, it’s true, and is totally bored.

A husband is someone who sees you first, Continually quenching an unknown thirst,

Supportive, enduring and loving you for you, If your husband’s like mine, feel blessed, I do!

Sarah Northwood (c)

If you click on the picture you can also listen to a short piece of piano music I composed called "Make you a shooting star."

Sarah Northwood is a fiction author for both children and adults, and she publishes her books on Amazon.

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