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How to link a wix blog to your amazon profile

For ages I’ve been trying to link the blog page I have on my WIX website to the cool feature on the amazon author page. Which means your Amazon followers can follow your updates etc. If you don’t have an amazon author page, go do it now! You can post a picture of yourself, a bio, links and now you can also link your WIX blog! I have one for the UK and Com site. Click on the picture to see what mine looks like😊

Sarah Northwood author page

So, all it takes is this. In your author central page, in the blogs section, it asks you to link your RSS feed in order to link up your blog. (You'll need to set up a profile at author central if you haven't already.) As wix doesn't output it's blog posts as an RSS feed, unlike say wordpress, I couldn't figure out how to do it. Just type in Replace with your own website domain name, of course. Voila, it takes 24 hours for your blog posts to appear!

I'm not tech minded at all so how did I figure this out? I didn't! There's lots of fabulous facebook groups you can join and indie author support is one of them. When I was trying to work out how to do this, I popped on there and asked the question and got the answer I was looking for!

Indie author support facebook group

Fiction author Sarah Northwood

Books by fiction author Sarah Northwood

Sarah Northwood is a fiction author for children and adults. Her books are published on Amazon.

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