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New Year's resolutions-a month late

First off I hate the name I’ve given to this blog post. Mainly because I don’t like to make new year’s resolutions. You can decide if that’s because I can’t commit to anything or whether it’s because I prefer to determine my own time to set new goals, not just do them because it’s January 1st. Maybe that's why I've posted in February!

Having said all that, I decided it would be helpful to make some overall themes to my year. I need some direction after all, and if I can’t come out and be bold enough to say this is my resolution, I could at least commit to saying I have a vague idea this is what I’d like to do.

So, without further ado. Firstly, I will not commit to losing a certain amount of weight, though it’s quite true that I need to do. Instead, I will try to teach myself that I am worthy of good food and health. That eating when I am trying to boost myself up is ok, but actually I shouldn’t be so mean to myself in the first place.

Secondly, try harder to connect with more of my friends this year. I speak to lots of people virtually, and adore this kind of communication. The author buddies I’ve made this way, who I otherwise wouldn’t speak to, are just as real as if we’d physically met and are so cherished. Still, there are friends of mine who I just haven’t got around to seeing in a long time and it’s time I changed that. A combination of having a writer’s life and social anxiety have made it all too easy to regress. It’s also been hard because my youngest daughter too suffers with difficulty in social gatherings, but she is blossoming and quite wonderful company. So, my mantra will be… I am worthy of friends, I will have something to say, they will enjoy my company.

Thirdly, I have lots of followers I’ve never spoken to it. Why? Because I’ve been afraid to reach out. What if they don’t like me? What if I say the wrong thing? It’s time I changed that too. How can I learn from others, if I’m too scared to reach out?

Finally, writing. At the end of last year, I found myself becoming stressed and suffering with writer’s block. I think the pressure I was putting on myself became too much. This year, I endeavour to write more of the things that give me pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing but it can be a hard place to be in when your brain tells you negative stuff constantly. This year it's all about filling it with love and positivity!

Sarah Northwood is an amazon and goodreads fiction writer for adults and children.

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