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Aerwyn, The Girl Who Dreams

Aerwyn, The Girl Who Dreams

Today's the day! Aerwyn is now available at Amazon and Waterstones and I couldn't be more thrilled to bring this sweet story, which combines the best of a picture book and a 'proper story' to life.

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It's very dear to my heart and here is why..

The magic behind my children’s story, Aerwyn, The Girl Who Dreams by author Sarah Northwood.

Writing was more of a thing that found me than I found it but I’m so grateful. Although if truth be told, it has caused me a grey hair or two, either that or I’m just getting old!

A few years ago, the very first thing I wrote for myself was a poem on a busy and stressful morning with my children. It seemed to come out of nowhere and in that instant, I knew this was the thing I’d been searching for all my life, even though I’d never realised it before.

At the time my youngest daughter was learning to read and progressing at an astonishing rate, but she still had a short attention span and wasn’t ready to move onto the lengthier chapter books. The phonetic simple sentence stories were becoming dull and she longed to be able to read a complete story at bedtime. She loved the Mr Men and Little Miss stories but we struggled to find other works that had more ‘traditional’ story feel to them.

In the meantime, I was writing lots of poetry and using it to express myself, learn about how to write and practise. I had also just started to write my first novel at the same time. Working at my local school gave me great inspiration and insight and I saw the perfect opportunity to blend a story with poetry together.

On a lovely sunny summer’s day, I went to watch my girls in the School sport’s day and I thought I’ll include it in my story. Why not add space hoppers on the moon…that could be fun! The illustration for this scene is just amazing.

Aerwyn is indeed a fun story full of beautiful colour pictures, and one I hope will inspire children to believe that anything is possible. It also contains a bit of magic, why shouldn’t words be magical, and I love that it’s a kind of superpower in my story!

The source of Aerwyn’s powers comes from reading poems and she explores her imagination and her friendship. Will she lose her powers if she tells her best friend Elizabeth about her secret? Suitable for 4-8-year-olds, I’m so delighted that this story is now available!

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