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The best dog in the world!

Just for fun I wrote this little shortie :)

The Best Dog In The World

Charlie has always been peculiar dog. More funny ha ha, than funny peculiar but I really do love him. As far as I’m concerned, he’s pretty much the best dog in the world and definitely the most fun to play with.

Mum likes to joke he can see pigeons that don’t exist in the garden. It always makes me laugh how he can see something, out of our big window at the front of the house, usually, something so small we can’t even see it, and then demand to go out, just to bark in the back garden.

One day though he got to acting so strange we thought about taking him to the vets. Just before bed, we were having our tea and biscuits the same as every other night, when he stooped down real low and started to growl at something invisible. It was one of those deep down in the throat growls, that sounds more like an old motorcycle revving than an actual bark.

Using his nose, he pointed to the corner. His eyes flited from side to side. Looking at Mum, I wondered what he was trying to tell her. It was something. This went on for about an hour before Mum got so fed up, she took him by the collar, dragged him into the kitchen and shoved him out the back.

Mum started to worry when he wouldn’t come back in. He was fine in the garden but as soon as she opened the door to let him back in, he got down low again, this time like a snake. His eyes went large as moonbeams and he flatly refused to go into the living room. Whatever it was he’d seen, it must have looked something like hell to him.

Mum decided a treat would help and his favourite place to eat it in all the world was the lovely purple rug in the living room. But nope he wouldn’t go back into the Living room, not even for treats. That’s when we started to get worried.

I had to admit I felt a little cold when Mum asked me if I was chilly and her face looked a little pale too. Seemed to me, she started to wonder if the dog had really seen something. Maybe not of this world.

I read, I know about these things.

Well, we decided to go up to bed, and if he was still off in the morning we’d take him into the vets. Nothing we could do that late at night. Just as Mum turned off the lights, I thought I saw something move, scuttle across the floor. She turned the lights back on, and I looked up at her. I tugged at her dressing gown and pointed to the corner. There was no colour left in her face. Charlie began to whimper and I wished that Dad were here. We both held our breathes. Was it a ghost? I left the question hanging in my eyes.

Just then, a thing emerged from the corner and a small scream escaped my lips. It was all legs and horrid to look. It was worse than the thing I’d imagined, it was a spider!

Charlie, quick as flash took off across the room and gobbled the devil right up. Right then and there, I knew it. Charlie was the best dog in the whole wide world.

Author Sarah Northwood (c)

#short #quickread #indieauthor #childrens #fiction #fun #suspense

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