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The secret diary of Katie Hawcroft- Entry 6

She's Not Gone

The secret diary of Katie Hawcroft- Entry 6

Keeper of secrets,

I think I am in love with a fictional character. Perhaps this is my first love, or does fictional not count? I’m not sure of the etiquette but I am…counting it. ‘He’ is a dark haired, gorgeous bodied, pale god-a vampire. His skin glows in the sunlight like an angel, and often I dream that he is real and has come to rescue me. Such is his beauty that he, this ‘mirage’ of a person, causes me a mirage of a girl to stand in front of the mirror for hours upon end, flicking my hair to either side, looking for an attractive look, even though I am nothing like the heroine in the film. I blame Erica completely for the madness I now suffer, after all, it was her choice.

Being fifteen, with no prospects at all, no self-worth at all, and a fear of abandonment has no doubt made this crush more intense and sad but what I can do? I am like every other girl my age after all. So, my dearest friend, I ask that you keep this particular secret close to your pages for fear of my own embarrassment.


P.S Maybe one day my own real-life hero will walk into my life in all his solid gorgeousness and sweep me off my feet. That would be amazing, I might even swoon like the heroine in the story. Not that I ‘need’ someone my dearest friend, but wouldn’t it be nice? Just for once to have someone I could rely on.

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