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The secret diary of Katie Hawcroft- Entry 3

A diary inspired by She's Not Gone, a novel by Sarah Northwood

Just a reminder that these diary entries are not currently included in my story, She's Not Gone, which is my newest release available on Amazon. These are intended as complementary pieces of writing, and are for my newsletter readers and those who are fabulous enough to read my website and blog. Thanks for reading<3

Oh and the picture was just for fun! I thought this actress would play a great Katie, if ever there was a Hollywood Movie. Do you know who she is?

The secret diary of Katie Hawcroft- Entry 3

Dearest friend,

School was difficult today. Not that most days aren’t, but when you're poor, there’s a hardness to them that cannot be explained as easily as the word…my shoes are nothing more than thin soles with a strap to hold them together, and Talisha was waiting at the gates for my arrival. This perhaps explains everything you need to know.

There are two ways into Newton High School and I swear that Talisha has a voodoo magic so she always knows which way I’ll come, even varying my route as randomly as I do on the spin of a coin. But that was not the worst of the day by any means. Talisha may spit out words that hurt and give venomous kicks that sting, but mostly it’s her I feel sorry for. Her lanky hair and acne scarred face hide a sadness that she alone bears, and I alone recognise.

No today was tough because I watched my classmates go on the trip to the waterpark. Permission to go on the trip wasn’t really the issue, lack of money was. Forging Mum’s signature is easy, I’ve probably done it a hundred times and got away with it. Perception I’ve found is like possession, it’s 9/10th of the law. I am perceived to be a generally sweet but weak sort of girl. So, the perception is that I would simply never break a rule, it could never happen. It makes getting away with this sort of thing a lot easier. On this occasion though, the cost of entry to the waterpark with the jumbo twisting slide was just too high, and I couldn’t scrounge together the money. Therefore, honesty on my part was the only option I had and thankfully Mr Gentle, (an ironic name that somewhat suited him) my form tutor was understanding.

Mr Gentle explained that I would have to spend the day with the ‘newbies’, those children who had recently arrived at the school and required assistance getting around the place. Rounding up lost sheep between the music and arts department gets tiresome surprisingly quickly, as well as knowing that you are missing out on a fabulous day. Thankfully, the perception that things were ‘ok’ at home had gone over ‘ok’ with Mr Gentle. I’d spun a tail of a temporary financial situation, one a ‘sweet’ girl like me can get away, so at least I don’t have to worry about that.

One day I shall enjoy the feeling of new clothes on my back, a fridge stocked to brimming with delicious food, a car to drive to any waterpark I would like and I’ll feel like a millionaire.

Today, I satisfied myself with the knowledge that Talisha was at least gone for the day and I wouldn’t have to worry about bumping into her. Even she can’t be in two places at once.

Things will get better, Mum will be better soon. I hope.


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