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The secret diary of Katie Hawcroft Part two

She's Not Gone, a novel by Sarah Northwood

It's only a few days since my book was released and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see so many fabulous reviews going up on Amazon already. I am so grateful to those who have taken the time to read and review the story. Especially as I know the subject matter is a tough one to get over. I am still genuinely in shock that anyone can think I can 'write a story' never mind the wonderful things reviewers have said. If you'd like to take a look, please check out the universal link which will take you to your home Amazon site. For the time being the kindle version is at the new lower price of 99p (or equivalent) to allow as many people to get a copy as possible. Thanks for supporting an indie author!

So without anymore delay here is the second part of Katie's diary (my main character.) Remember, this is not in the book and is exclusively for those who follow my newsletter or take the time to read my blog!

The secret diary of Katie Hawcroft- Entry 2

Dear faithful friend, Firstly, I must apologise to you for my poor commitment to our relationship. It has been a good number of weeks since I last came to you with my secrets. Hopefully we can catch up quickly and the current state I find myself in, be remedied. In short, I am in desperate need of a shower. Oh forgive me, here I am after a long break away and already I talk of leaving you. Mother is also here (in body), sleeping off her indulgence with the cheap vodka that she buys from the town store. I once snuck a small to see if I could be tempted myself (what can I say, it’s time to rebel?!). Why anyone want to drink something that could only be described as cats wee is beyond me. Before I came to you, I stood for many minutes watching her sleep. Her face is long and stretched thin now, with sharp angled cheekbones--sharp enough to cut. I stroked her hair and moved it to uncover her eyes. Of course, I couldn’t see them as they were, when they shone big and beautiful, like smooth shiny pebbles at the beach. Her thin lips rested open displaying stained yellow teeth beneath them, as I listened closely to the sounds of her ragged breathing. Many times, she gulped and gagged at the air, as if it was toxic to her and I held my breath as the two of us breathing would simply deplete the air of too much oxygen. Finally satisfied that she was merely passed out and not something worse, I felt safe to step back away from her and begin to breathe again. Which brings me to my current state of filthiness. If I could describe to you, my secret keeper, the state in which I live, your eyes would surely sting with tears. Thank your lucky stars my friend that you have no eyes with which to see with or shed tears from. Mine however do exist, and burn now with the acrid fumes of bleach. I regret to tell you that as I hop scotched my way through the bottles and cans, the dishes and dirty clothes strewn about the floor, I cursed several times. To hell with it! I’m a teenager not a bleeding cleaner, but needs must. I can also tell you that I longed for my mother to wake up and praise me for the job I had done. Gladly, I would take a lollipop as my reward and be told I was a good girl, like she used to when I was small--before he left. But she did not wake, and words of kindness are a thing forgotten, as am I to her. One day, keeper of words, one day soon I shall leave this place forever and never return. But for now, I must leave you and hope that our next meeting brings better news. Exhaustion, has caught me at last. Tonight, at least, I will sleep.

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