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A walk on the wild side

At the weekend, the weather was glorious and perfect for a trip to the zoo. Three of us were looking forward to it, my other half, my eldest daughter and me. Unfortunately, my youngest wasn't. You see, going to the zoo for her, is something that causes anxiety and worry. Actually, any large busy place can often be a difficult for her to cope with. She suffers with some sensory issues (sensory processing disorder) and anxieties related to this, which can make a routine family outing a scary and daunting activity. However, in the interests of compromising, as a family we try to mix up the activities, so at some point we all get to do something we enjoy. Of course, we also try to help make it something we can all cope with. That's being a part of a family and a large part of life in general, learning to give and take. Learning to cope with who we are.

So, we set out on our trip to Peak Wildlife Park. We've actually been there a few times and it is always enjoyable, so many things to see and it even has a couple of play areas too. I highly recommend it! Thankfully, it turned out that all four of us enjoyed it, in the end. So here are some of the fabulous animals we saw. I'm not ashamed to say this post will contain a LOT of pictures. Enjoy the cuteness :)

Hot Penguins

A crow

Sleepy wallaby

Beautiful butterfly

Lovely entrance

walk in with the goats

Cute otters


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