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Life and other stuff that fills my day

Recently I discovered that other people enjoy hearing about what writers get up to when they’re not writing. I mean do writers do other stuff? To be frank though, it’s not as if I spend every second of the day writing, far from it. I have a part time job, I spend time on social media networking, of course I love to read and support other authors as well, and promoting my own work. This all takes plenty of my time! Aside from this, I do have a life outside of my computer, just about, although, I don’t get to see a lot of the outside world. 😊

I’m a wife and Mum to two beautiful girls, both of whom are still at Primary School, (this is up to age around 11 for those outside the UK.) My eldest is gearing up for the transition to Secondary School and recently had a ‘trial day’ there. Who knew it would be so traumatic as a parent to watch your baby move towards ‘big school?” I sometimes can’t believe how quickly the time has flown, and it serves to remind me how much my life, our lives have changed since she was born. Oh, and just how much older I’m getting!

Both of my children have recently been away on School trips, enjoying the great outdoors, or as we affectionately name it, how to have all the seasons in one day. Between the lines, this meant shopping for new gear and washing, lots of it! Thankfully both loved their excursions and I’m so grateful that they have these opportunities. I’m worried that in the coming months, budget cuts and politics may play a role in chipping away at these vital extracurricular topics. I hope this turns out to be wrong…

While my eldest was away on her residential, we took advantage of her absence by doing a spot of decorating in her bedroom. Apparently 11 and a half is too old for pooh bear and piglet border. I think she might come to change her mind about that, when she’s older. Maybe then it will be retro, like Wreck it Ralph says, old but cool. Or maybe it’s just because I still love pooh bear, those who know me best, realise I’m just a child in a grown up’s body!❤

Of course, doing up one bedroom, makes the others look shabbier, and as desperate as I am to invest some time in mine and my hubby’s bedroom, it’s my youngest (soon to be 8) bedroom next. When we originally decorated the room in a pink colour with large booming princesses for a border, it felt like the perfect room for a little girl. It just goes to show how much I’ve changed in that time and how much my children influence me. At the time, I suppose I bought into the idea that girls like princesses and pinks and frilly frocks and…you get the idea. I’ve always been an advocate for women and men to be treated equally and respectfully (on both sides), but I suppose I just over looked this aspect in my excitement of having two beautiful girls. I’m not saying girls shouldn’t like pink (purple is my favourite colour), but rather we shouldn’t label them that way. Choices, especially when it comes to fashion need to change. But, I digress.

Now, my youngest is growing up, she has taught me that, being a girl is not about that and reminded me that you can have different elements to your personality. She very much takes after me (or so I like to believe.) You may have seen that we took a trip to Paris back in February and as she is a fan of all things Parisian, we knew exactly how to paper her room, what better paper to do up her room in that one depicting the Eiffel Tower? It’s surprisingly grown up for an eight eight-year-old (my baby is growing too fast) but much more appropriate for a girl who knows girls can like any colour they want and do Karate, like Minecraft, lego and generally be awesome at anything they set their minds to.

Oh, and I squeezed in the publication of a new book, this time poetry, which you can check out on Amazon :)

Click HERE to find out more.

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