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Awesome reads, according to me! (1)

These reviews are based solely on my own personal opinions and reflect my honest review, which is taken from Amazon. I'd love to be able to give an in depth review of each book that I read but alas, I don't have the time! As an Author myself, I always try to review a book I read and include the best one in my blog. Happy Reading and remember if you read a book, leave a review, it will absolutely be appreciated by the Author and readers alike.

The Final wish of Maggie Bosworth by Brian O'Gorman (

5.0 out of 5 stars for this contemporary romance story. I've put this review first because I actually read it ages ago but it was before I started blogging about them and I really wanted to include it. It's such a great story!

A real page turner

I absolutely loved how magic and reality were blended so effortlessly in this story. If you're looking for a love story with a surprise ending this is the read for you. The author makes the characters believable and the story is a real page turner. Incidentally one of the character's, 'Walter' turns up in another story by the author if you're interested to read more!

A Walk in the Park by Helen Pryke (

A lovely short story with a magical touch!

5.0 out of 5 stars for this shorty story with a magical touch.

It's a difficult task to engage a reader, give depth to characters and plot in a short story, yet the Author manages to do just that. A thoroughly enjoyable quick read, which has an element of mystery and a magic touch!

Heads will roll by Joanie Chevalier (

5.0 out of 5 stars for this captivating medical thriller. I absolutely devoured this thriller, eating up the fabulous story and wonderful writing. It was captivating and fictional novel based around the idea of the ability to transplant your head onto a different body. In many way’s this is all the scarier as this scientific advancement is hitting headlines in real life and may soon become scientific fact. The Author’s style is easy to read, the characters well-formed and likeable, there’s a nice bit of romance and suspense included too. I highly recommend!

If I wake, by Nikki Moyes (

5.0 out of 5 stars for this wonderful YA book, tackling the big issues!

This is my first read of this Author Nikki Moyes and I was intrigued to read the story if I wake, from the reviews. It is described as a Young Adult novel (I can see why) but make no mistakes this is a powerful story to read as an Adult. It is unlike anything I’ve ever read before and the Author does for me, the impossible, she weaves, fantasy, history, the main character leading different lives through time, all in one seamless story. You may think it sounds like a weird mash up but trust me it’s not. Having recently watched the series, Thirteen reasons why, I found this novel taking on the same powerful and desperately sad issues but by weaving it with writers magic it draws you in and won’t let go. It is narrated from the MC’s perspective but I felt I came to know all the other characters through her eyes. Wonderful, wonderful job, I wish I could give this book more than five stars!

Heart Blessings: A children's Seek and Find by Dianna Wyles (

This is a children's non-fiction book, based on God's love being all around. I myself am not religious as such, more spiritual but this is so beautifully written and all the photographs delightful so, it earned, 5.0 out of 5 stars from me!


This is such a delightful book, full of gorgeous colour photographs and a lovely positive message. A beautiful poem guides you through each page and I can imagine parents and children both enjoying picking out different things in each photo.

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