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Awesome reads, according to me!

I've had the pleasure of reading and reviewing a few books recently and realised I'd not really shared my thoughts on these with you. Unbelievable I know! Before I became an indie author myself I was amazingly ignorant to how reviews help the Author and I'm ashamed to say I never really reviewed books before. Of course since I've become a writer myself, things have changed. I'm part of a couple of groups for book reviews and almost exclusively my purchases come from other Indie Authors. I usually enjoy Fiction, and reading in genres similar (romance, suspense, thrillers, things that make you think) to my own but there have been some awesome reads outside of my norm lately. I'll give you the links to Amazon's UK site, because that's where I'm from but you can purchase the books from other Amazon sites too. Please note the reviews are in no particular order and the opinions expressed are entirely my own. Apologies I don't have cover pictures yet but perhaps you can go and check out the books on Amazon. I'll share with you now, so here goes, awesome reads for you to enjoy!

90 seconds from sanity by C.J.Wilton (psychological thriller/mystery)


If you’re looking for a fast-paced thriller packed full of suspense, then this is the book for you. I couldn’t stop reading, I had to keep going to find out what was coming, how the tale of Michael was going to turn out. Was he mad? What was real? Parts of the story focus on strong themes, including rape and violence and some of the language in the story is strong. In some ways, I disliked this element, the language and difficult scenes, the character’s clichéd roles/frustrating personas but I believe this is indeed the intention by the Author and if so, is done well. The premise keeps you reading, wanting to hear the conclusion but unfortunately as this is book 1 and I assume more stories in the series are to come, I found the ending somewhat unsatisfying. Frustratingly!

Walls of Silence by Helen Pryke (Contemporary Women's Fiction)


I cannot believe how quickly I found myself engrossed in this story and desperate for a happy ending. The wonderfully written characters and the world in which they find themselves in, Italy in the sixties is captivating and superbly done. I found the topics behind the story, such as abuse, violent relationships and prostitution difficult to read at times because the Author made me feel so deeply for the characters. Although a work of fiction, it is a very moving story and beautifully written, I commend the Author, Helen Pryke on a wonderful work and highly recommend it.

Playing with Fire (Criminal Elements Book1) by Chris and Claire Myers (Urban Fantasy/Science Fiction)


I cannot believe how seamlessly the story ties together, written by a writing duo, it surprised me that the book works together so well. It's certainly not a case of two writing styles blended together, the whole story is put together as if one Author wrote it. The story utilises fantasy magical elements but rather than using these as convenient tools to overcome obstacles, the characters need to work together to meet their goal/s. At times I found the plot based story a little drawn out for my personal tastes but none the less this is a good read.

Sweet Venegance by Aliya Dalrae (Paranormal/Vampires)


This is my first read of this Author, Aliya Dalrae but it won't be my last. I quickly found myself immersed in a believable fantasy that had me falling in love with the characters. I genuinely did not want to stop reading, I longed to find out what would become of Jessica Sweet and the vampire she meets. Filled with suspense, adventure, fear and character so real you forget they are fictional, I'm excited for the next story in the trilogy!

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