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Following the success of my other poetry works, I decided to put together this collection which has been collecting dust in my computer.​

Available from Amazon, it is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited or just 99p to download. The paperback is coming soon. 



Poetry flows effortlessly from the thoughts in my mind into the journey of my soul. In life, the world is seldom as simple and seems even harder to bear in the darkness. As you too take this journey, remember those we choose to share our paths will light our way, leaving us ready to face the world fresh once again. I will never be the person I was, instead I will be something better.I will let the gift of today help me reach the heights of tomorrow,and the scars of my past will be the jewels glinting on the top of the mountain.

This collection of poetry and prose is beautifully illustrated as each piece is accompanied by a vibrant coloured photograph. It's not intended as a self-help book but if it gives you a moment of calm then I will consider that a great achievement!

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This poetry collection from Author Sarah Northwood provides nourishment for the soul. Each one is honest and explores the daily battle with this thing we call life. The poet expresses themes of love, loneliness, and low self-esteem in an honest way that will leave you feeling like someone knows your pain. A positive message of acceptance and love flows throughout the words.    


This is a poetry collection for people who don't do poetry. 

Featured Poem/s
Sharing, reproduction or usage of these poems without the express permission of the author is prohibited. 
Read some of the poems that will probably make it to the next upcoming book for free, below!






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